Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Day In The Life - Spring 2017

I've read Julia's blog for a few years now and always wanted to participate in her Day In The Life roundup, but never got around to it. So this year I set a goal to participate each quarter. :-)

RA (husband) is 36
H (mommy) is 31
RF (oldest son) is 4.5
E (youngest son) is 2.5
Gracie (boxer/lab/retriever mix fur baby) is 9.5
Gus and Daisy (beagle fur-babies) are 1

I chose to document Saturday, April 8, 2017. I knew it would be a fun day for the boys as we traveled to Nana's house for a local spring festival.

6:36 AM --- RF is awake, which means I am too.

6:47 AM --- RF eating breakfast with RA (was already awake when RF and I woke up) while I jump into the shower.

6:55 AM --- I'm out of the shower and find E wandering through our bedroom hunting his mama.

7:18 AM --- Mama is ready to get on the road; pack the bags in the car.
Short trip - only a few bags. 

7:20 AM --- I had planned to change the boys clothes (out of PJs and into real clothes) before we start our drive, but decide to wait until we get to Nana's house. Traveling in PJs is more comfortable and it's early.

7:24 AM --- The car is packed, boys are strapped into their car seats, Gracie is in the back of the SUV, and we are headed to Nana's house. Nana's house = heaven on earth for RF and E. :-)
"Let's go, mama!"

7:25 AM --- DVD player is not working. Crap. We begin our drive anyway with conversation about what we see outside and begin listening to some music on the radio.

7:36 AM --- Drive to Nana's is fairly scenic for the first 45 minutes or so and the boys are enjoying telling me (i.e. yelling at the top of their lungs) every time they see a cow/horse/goat/sheep/any barnyard animal.

7:45 AM ---  Sister calls on her way to work. Just to chat.

8:23 AM --- "Are we there yet, mama?" Only about 30 more minutes to go and I'm proud to say that listening to the music on the radio and our conversations lasted almost a full hour. Boys are becoming antsy, so Mama pulls over and tries one more time to get the DVD player to work and voilà it's working. A few episodes of Paw Patrol will hold them over for the next 30 minutes until we get to Nana's. Mama continues to enjoy a coffee on the drive south.
My addiction...a hot cup of strong coffee...

8:58 AM --- Not quite to Nanas house yet. Spring Break traffic. RF is in a grumpy mood. Called Nana to ask her to make some biscuits so that RF could eat when he gets there because he is "absolutely starving."

9:08 AM --- I realize I forgot the two chairs to take to the hot air balloon festival tonight. Ugh. A trip to Wal-Mart on a Saturday is in my future.

9:10 AM --- Finally! Getting off the interstate at the exit to Nana's town.

9:13 AM --- RA texted to say he saw a opossum in the yard, alive, at 9:00 this morning. I text him back that I thought they were nocturnal. He responds that they are and it is highly unusual and it can be an indication of the opossum being rabid. Ugh. I remind him to keep the puppies AWAY.

9:21 AM --- YAY! We made it to Nana's house and the boys are going crazy - they love, love, love their Nana and Babu. They immediately head to the sand box after saying their hellos and thanking Babu for fixing one of their Hess trucks.

Sneaking into Nana's backyard with Gracie...
"Babu fixed it, mama!"

Yep - straight to the sandbox...

9:52 AM --- Getting ready to head to the annual Dogwood Festival. Trying to get real clothes on the kids.
E is dressed and wandering around the back yard with Gracie...

10:05 AM --- Kids are dressed and we are about to head out for some festival fun. Double check my car to be sure we have an extra set of underwear and pants for E in case we have any accidents. Having two kids potty-trained is awesome. Seriously - no diapers in the house --- PRAISE.

10:16 AM --- Leaving Nana's house and headed downtown to enjoy the festivities.

10:20 AM --- Stop by a yard sale on our way to the festival. RF finds a metal boat decorated in red, white, and blue. He tells us it's the 'American Ship.' E finds a Thomas the Train toy. Nana obliges and buys both items for the boys.
"The American Ship"

10:35 AM --- Heading downtown towards the festival.
LOVE the downtown area in Nana's town...
11:10 AM --- Ran in to an old high school friend. Stopped to chat for a few minutes before heading over to watch the dog jump and wandering through all of the booths.
Everyone's kid has a 2 foot tall stuffed Curious George, right?

Taking a coloring break...

Dog jump!

RF said, "Mama - can you believe it? I'm as big as this tire!"

E enjoying a few minutes on the tractors at the local tractor dealership...

12:07 PM --- Leaving the festival and stop by McDonald's to grab a quick lunch for the kids before heading back to Nana's. I can tell E is exhausted from all the fun.

12:24 PM --- Home for lunch. Kids eat and then run outside to play in Nana's backyard. I have a turkey sandwich and peruse social media for a few minutes.

12:56 PM --- Head outside with the kids and spend some time enjoying the warm sunshine.
So many pretty flowers in Nana's back yard...

Nana took one of the turtles out of the pond for E to see...

1:10 PM --- It's clear E needs a nap. I grab him to go lay down and he makes it clear that he's not happy about having to go inside to rest.

1:24 PM --- E is asleep, Nana and RF are hanging out in the backyard. Mama is going to veg on the couch and binge watch HGTV (since we don't have cable at home, I have to get my Fixer Upper fix when we go to Nana's house).

2:56 PM --- OMG. Did I just veg on the sofa, uninterrupted, for an hour and a half?

2:58 PM --- RF brings me a rock in the shape of a heart and says its for me because he loves me so much. Says he and Nana are going to paint it for me. :-)

3:05 PM --- I know I should get up, but being lazy feels so good...

3:18 PM --- E is awake, so it really is time for me to come back to the land of the living.

3:37 PM --- Nana asks RF to go check mail.
Checking the mail for Nana...

3:41 PM --- Swinging in the sunshine - listening to the kids play and the birds chirp - I love spring.
E decides that his Curious George family needs to swing...

4:45 PM --- Remember that trip to Walmart I mentioned earlier? Headed there now. Say a prayer that I come out unscathed.

5:18 PM --- Home from Walmart. Time for a quick dinner before heading to the Hot Air Balloon Festival at the local fairgrounds.

5:43 PM --- Everyone is finished eating, so I start getting RF and E dressed to head out.

5:53 PM --- Ready to go!

6:12 PM --- Arrive at the Hot Air Balloon Festival and find a spot to park our blanket, chairs, and bag.
My sweet boys...

RF was amazed by the balloons...

6:28 PM --- RF and E spot the kid zone. Fork out $20 for them to have unlimited playtime on the inflatable slides and obstacle courses.
E is a daredevil...

Moving through the obstacle course alongside 7 and 8 year olds...

7:21 PM --- First Port-A-Potty experience with a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Cringe.

8:01 PM --- "You're the best mommy - thank you for bringing us here." --- RF
Watching the balloons inflate...

Silly face selfie with E...

Silly face selfie with RF...

Balloons at sunset...

8:09 PM --- Temper tantrum #1 from RF.

8:14 PM --- Temper tantrum #2 from RF.

8:28 PM --- Time to go. No nap for RF today has him all out of sorts.
See ya next year, hot air balloons!

8:38 PM --- Loaded up and ready to head home.

8:47 PM --- Home. Quick change into pajamas, light snack, and sip of milk before bed for RF and E.

9:13 PM --- Everyone headed to bed. Mama stays up to work on this post/check social media/catch up on the news/peruse Pinterest.

10:28 PM --- Lights out!

It must have been a fun and tiring day because RF slept until 6:54 Sunday morning, which is late for him, and E slept in until 8:54!

First DITL = success!